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Nature’s Healer Massage:

Enjoy the innovative healing technique which uses warm Himalayan salt stone crystals & cool river stones to massage and soothe away any accumulation of stress and tension while bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Deep Tissue Massage:

A full body, deep tissue massage releases tense muscles, Arnica infused oil gently relieves soreness and inflammation while a muscle recovery cream infused with Hemp-based CBD helps ease muscle, joint, and nerve pain providing fast, effective relief.

Mirbeau Signature Massage:

Experience complete relaxation with this classic Swedish massage designed to alleviate tension and restore balance enhanced by our nourishing Mirbeau exclusive organic oils.

Mother-To-Be Massage:

After the first trimester, enjoy the tranquility of a massage with specially designed oils that promise to deliver extra care and nurturing to the mother-to-be.

Just the Essentials Massage:

Enjoy a luxurious massage of the scalp, hands, and feet with a hot oil scalp ritual for those who prefer to focus fully on the essential areas.

Monet’s Favorite Fragrance Massage:

True to our emphasis on classic balance, this aromatherapy treatment tends to physical, mental, and emotional well being with your choice of natural essential oils and the benefits of Swedish massage.

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