The Lyme Disease Remedy You Didn’t Know You Needed

Summer is a wonderful time of year in Upstate New York, bringing us long days, warm weather, barbecues, lake adventures, and quite frankly, more happiness! But there’s one summer side effect none of us love. It has eight legs and comes as small as a poppy seed. You probably guessed it based on the title of this post: ticks!

By talking to friends, scrolling through your social media feeds, and simply being outside you may have noticed that ticks seem to be everywhere this season. In fact, this map was created by two university professors to predict the number of positive Lyme tests for dogs this season. Keep in mind that where dogs are getting bit by Lyme-carrying ticks, so are people.

Lyme Disease is an epidemic, striking 300,000 Americans victim annually, and growing in prevalence each year. But here’s some news that should bring Lyme patients in upstate New York relief: Spa Mirbeau has just the remedy Lyme patients need to help treat their symptoms.

To combat the joint pain, muscle pain, and fatigue most commonly associated with this disease, many specialists are now recommending a little extra spa time as part of their patients’ treatment regimens.

“Supplementing medical regimens with a steam room, sauna, and gentle massage therapy can assist healing among Lyme patients,” shares Dr. Richard Horowitz, a national bestselling author and world renowned Lyme Disease Specialist from Hyde Park, N.Y., “The massage can ease their joint and muscle pain during treatment, while helping to lower inflammation, and the heat in a steam room and sauna will help their bodies to sweat out toxins associated with the illness.”

If you’re reading this and have Lyme Disease, our day resort will offer all the natural remedies you could need, including a eucalyptus-infused steam room, yoga classes, an extensive menu of spa treatments, an aqua terrace with a hot tub and waterfall, a relaxation lounge, and a Bistro so you can truly unplug from your daily routine.

We’re committed to helping renew your mind, body, and spirit, creating an environment that will propel you on your journey to complete health.


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Your Dream Staycation Is Almost Here.

Welcome spa lovers, to your newest source of beauty and wellness tips, skincare advice and food and wine demos, as well as updates on the Capital Region’s newest spa concept! Our very own Spa Mirbeau, loosely translated from French as “reflected beauty,” will be opening its doors this fall for everyone in need of a little extra pampering.
But keep in mind that we’re so much more than just a spa. We’re talking about a full day resort offering all of the amenities you would find at a French resort in the countryside, with the conveniences of staying close to home.

Take a breath and imagine for a moment… You start your day with an energizing yoga or spin class before you get your sweat on in our eucalyptus-infused steam room and sauna. Next, you reward your body’s hard work with a hot stone massage courtesy of one of our highly-trained massage therapists. Once you’re relaxed and unplugged, you happen upon our wine bar and enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while your feet dangle in the foot pool on our aqua terrace, until you’re ready for your dinner reservation at Le Bistro. Good thing your robe is perfectly acceptable attire, allowing you to seamlessly move from our spa to our restaurant, where you can indulge in incredible French fare.

No matter which part of this dream day is your favorite—or maybe you simply can’t choose—know that Spa Mirbeau endeavors to make sure your stay is memorable, peaceful and exactly what you need it to be. In just a few short months, we’ll be opening our doors to you and your loved ones. But in the meantime, we look forward to keeping you updated on the process. Stay tuned!

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