The season of giving is here, and what better way to show your love than gifting an experience? After the rush of holiday parties, family dinners, and unwrapped presents, your loved ones will be looking to unwind. About 43% of adults suffer the health effects of stress, and you can provide a gentle solution. By giving your friends and family members spa certificates, you can help them relax as they enter the new year. The following are some ideas to add to this year’s gift list.

Recipient: Your Mom

The Perfect Gift: Massage

Your mother is a loving, hard working person, and she deserves a break. Thank her for a delicious holiday meal and her endless support with a luxurious massage. Whether a deep tissue or a fragrance massage, she is sure to enjoy the pampering.

Recipient: A New Mama

The Perfect Gift: Day Spa Package

A new mother can never have too many spa treatments, so treat your friend to a full day of relaxation. You might even want to book a package for yourself as well, so the two of you an have some much-needed time to catch up.

Recipient: Your Bestie

The Perfect Gift: Facial

Show your best friend that she deserves to be her full radiant self. A facial treatment will make her feel beautiful and rejuvenated. Package the gift with a bottle of her favorite wine and a card thanking her for being wonderful.

Recipient: Your Partner

The Perfect Gift: Couple’s Massage

The holidays are a particularly romantic time, but the business can make it difficult to unwind with your love. By booking a couple’s massage for you and your partner, you are setting aside uninterrupted relaxation time. Turn the day into a date night and take the time to reconnect.

Recipient: Your Sister

The Perfect Gift: Himalayan Salt Massage

Your trendy sis will love this innovative relaxation technique. This treatment will balance her entire body and leave her feeling refreshed. Especially if she is stressed out at the end of the year, this gift could be ideal.

By giving your loved ones day spa packages and treatments for the holidays, you are giving them the gift of wellness. Everyone deserves to unwind, and your friends and family will cherish these experiences. While material items are temporary, a commitment to health can last a lifetime.