Club Mirbeau: The Best Way to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

The holiday season is finally over and the New Year has arrived. It goes without saying that the holiday season is a time for filling our tummies with treats and hibernating under the covers. Like most people, you likely have one, or ten, New Year’s Resolutions that will hopefully spring you out of the holiday slump. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to approach these resolutions in a way that is effective AND enjoyable.


Luckily for all Capital Region dwellers, a Club Mirbeau membership at Spa Mirbeau will provide you with all the tools you need to make your resolutions stick.



Beauty & Fashion

Dry winter weather has a way of taking a toll on your skin and hair and the chilly temperatures give us good reason to stay bundled deep under layers of clothes, making it easy to leave fashion at the front door. Hoping to spice up your look this year, in cold and warm weather? From our organic, ethical skincare products, to our fabulous hand-picked clothing items, La Boutique has everything you need to keep you feeling good in every season from the inside, out. Some of our favorite brands include Zentsis, known for its organic lotions, soaps and shampoos, free from harmful chemicals and Lulu Lemon, a yoga/fitness clothing line that will definitely come in handy when you begin your fitness journey.



Personalized Fitness

If the crowds of people at gyms this time of year make you cringe, you are not alone. That’s why we assure our fitness studios maintain a calm, exclusive atmosphere. With a Club Mirbeau membership, you can enjoy spin and yoga classes, as well as access to our free weights and cardio equipment. We also offer our members the option of speaking with a nutrition specialist to make your daily choices easier.




Rest and Relaxation

Our spa offers world-class amenities for Club Mirbeau members to use at their convenience, ranging from eucalyptus-infused steam rooms and saunas, a resting area with a meditation pool, and an aqua terrace featuring an oversized hot plunge pool. You can also enjoy Le Bistro’s menu in your bath robe from the aqua terrace. Our extensive menu of spa treatments offers your favorite classic massages and facials, to the more exotic treatments, including our Himalayan Salt Massage and Crushed Cabernet Scrub.



Conquer your New Year Resolutions and keep your life classically balanced this year with a Club Mirbeau membership.



*View our Club Mirbeau Membership Packages Here*


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Start Booking Your Day Resort Experience NOW!

The wait is over!

Albany’s newest day resort will be open on November 15th, and you can start booking some of our fabulous spa treatments TODAY.

Try a Himalayan Salt Massage and have warm massage stones made with salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains bring mind, body, and spirit into balance. This treatment gently soothes away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants.

Or try a Crushed Cabernet Scrub! This treatment uses a blend of grape seed, honey and brown sugar to create a scrub that invigorates and refines skin, to stimulate microcirculation and drainage of excess toxins. This is followed by the application of Caudalie’s contouring concentrate and body lotion to restore the skin’s radiance.

Looking for an incredible facial? Our Organic Radiance Facial includes a natural fruit acid peel to rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells and improve the skin’s tone and texture. Active, natural, cutting-edge peptides, organic grape stem cells, potent antioxidants and plant extracts can help improve skin tone and texture while brightening the skin and fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You probably know by now that Spa Mirbeau isn’t just a spa, it’s an opportunity to enjoy all of the amenities you would find at a French resort in the countryside, close to home, so book your stay-cation now! Call us today at 1-(844)-MIRBEAU or schedule your appointment easily online.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Construction Update: Counting down to our Grand Opening!

Once we made the decision to create a high-end day resort in the Capital Region, we knew we had to go all out. After all, it takes a lot to make your guests feel like they’re relaxing in the French countryside with each visit!


Imagine with us for a moment what it will be like to visit Spa Mirbeau for the first time. You enter the main doors in the reception area to be welcomed by French architecture and warm colors. Which way should you stroll down the castle-like hallways? Go right, and you’ll find the exercise studios, ready to welcome you for a recharging workout. Just a little further down the hall, you’ll discover an inviting French restaurant, Le Bistro, where you’ll savor each bite of impeccable, light fare.


But what happens if you go left instead? You’ll be greeted by herbal, aromatic scents, floating out of each treatment room and helping you relax with every breath. Just as you reach the back of the resort and you think that’s all there is to see, you’ll stumble across our day resort’s gem. All of a sudden, the ceiling opens up, the natural light pours in and you find yourself in a heavenly oasis of relaxation. That’s right, you made your way to our aqua terrace, complete with a hot plunge pool, waterfall, relaxation chairs and a heated foot pool.


Do you choose left first for an aqua terrace session, and right second for dinner at Le Bistro? Or right first for a quick workout, and left second so you can bring your glass of wine to the aqua terrace? We don’t think you can go wrong, because with every visit to Spa Mirbeau, you’ll be on vacation (or staycation) and every visit is about you!


While we’ve made significant progress, you can see we still have a lot to do with less than a month away. The steel framing and sheetrock are up, but we still have to install some of your future favorite amenities… including the hot plunge pool, steam rooms and saunas. And let’s not forget the wine bar at Le Bistro!


Stay tuned as we transform this once empty 17,000-square-foot space into a dreamy day resort!
CLICK HERE to watch a video clip of the construction!

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Construction Update: Are You Here for a Massage?

“Welcome to Spa Mirbeau, what service will you be enjoying today?”

It may be hard to see now, but this photo was taken in the space which will soon be our reception area! First impressions are everything, which is why you will feel instant relaxation from the moment you step into our calm, day resort atmosphere.

How will you spend your first visit? What services will you be trying? Maybe you’ll try an organic radiance facial? A cabernet body scrub? A French clay detox? Or maybe you’ll come to relax on our aqua terrace with a glass of wine, followed by some lite French Fare at Le Bistro.

We have great news for you. Even with our extensive menu of spa treatments and day resort amenities, you can’t go wrong with your decision. And if you just can’t seem to get enough of the Spa Mirbeau experience (which is a dilemma for many!), we have a little something called “Club Mirbeau,” a membership that gives you access to enjoy all our amenities, as often as you like.

Remember, from the moment you step foot into our doors at Spa Mirbeau, it’s all about YOU, and making sure you can relax and recharge.

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Construction Update: Can You Spot The Waterfall?

“In these next few weeks, you’ll really be able to see the transformation of Spa Mirbeau from a concrete shell to the beginning stages of a resort.”

The words of Mirbeau Hospitality partner, Jonathan Dal Pos, are stirring excitement among all who are aware of this unprecedented day resort concept. The steel is in place and the concrete floors will be poured sooner than you can blink.

Looking at the picture above, can you spot where the waterfall will be? How about the wine bar? Maybe the eucalyptus-infused steam rooms? It may be a little early to notice the details of where our most relaxing amenities will rest, but the foundation has been laid to give you the spa experience of a lifetime as often as you please, starting this fall. Stay tuned weekly via our blog to watch us transform this great space into your new favorite place to relax, because you deserve more than a spa experience. You deserve a staycation.

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Construction Update: Building a French Spa in the City

Building a 17,000-square-foot day resort in the countryside of France would likely come with its challenges. Creating the same experience in a metropolitan area? A whole new set of challenges!

We’re happy to say we’re up to the task. With each construction update on our blog, you’ll learn how we plan to preserve the privacy, beauty, and experience of Spa Mirbeau amidst the bustle of Crossgates.

First secret? We plan to stay completely unplugged from the outside world. Next time you’re strolling around Crossgates, take a look at the photos on the barricade and get a sneak peak of Spa Mirbeau, located upstairs near Regal Cinema. The barricade promises to keep your busy schedule out, and your relaxation in.

Second tip? Space, space and more space! When planning the launch of Spa Mirbeau, we chose a big facility for a reason. The more space, the more room we have to create an environment reminiscent of the French countryside. The deeper you go into the space, the further you become separated from the outside world. Our most relaxing features, including the aqua terrace with a waterfall, a foot pool and a giant hot tub, are tucked away in the back to assure the deepest levels of relaxation.

Right now, we’re still in the works—but we promise, we’re getting more and more beautiful each week. See you soon!

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