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Rejuvenate Your Relationship With A Couples Massage

When was the last time you and your partner spent some uninterrupted time together? This means no distractions — just peaceful and relaxed together time. Chances are it’s been a while. In today’s bustling world, it can be difficult to find time to spend with your partner without distractions. Fortunately, a couples massage can help remedy this. If you need another reason to book a spa day with your love, the following are some of the many benefits that a couples session offers.


You and your partner can reconnect.

When you get to experience this type of deep relaxation next to your partner, you can refocus on simple pleasures. This soothing relaxation time can then lead to other types of connection. A simple cup of tea together might seem all the more special.


Massage eases relationship tension.

About 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, and your relationship can experience the same impact. When you and your partner are stressed, it’s difficult to bond and enjoy each other’s company. By enjoying this spa treatment, you can watch relationship problems seem much smaller.


This relaxation can introduce more intimacy.

Deep relaxation can also leave room for more intimate emotions and experiences. Once you are finished with your treatment, you might experience a renewed appreciation for your partner and your relationship.


You will feel restored as an individual.

You are one half of a partnership, so when you do not feel like yourself, your whole relationship can suffer. A couples session has the same impact as an individual treatment, soothing both physical and emotional tension. You will walk out of the spa feeling more settled in your skin and equipped as a partner.


A couples massage makes a great gift.

Once you learn the benefits of this spa treatment, you will have the perfect gift for every occasion. Spa packages are romantic for the both of you or refreshing for your partner, so you can’t go wrong.

By booking spa treatments for you and your love, you can enjoy benefits both for yourself and your relationship. With this type of relaxation and wellness, you will both be ready to face whatever is ahead.

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Six Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Even just the word “stress” is stressful to hear; it’s a lingering feeling that is far too familiar to all of us, and sadly, it creeps up on us when we least expect it.

Cortisol, the hormone produced by stress, has been proven to reduce your “Happy Hormones”, including dopamine and serotonin. So if you find yourself feeling stressed around the holidays, like many of us do, know that you’re not alone, even during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Here are a few simple ways to kick those feelings to the curb, so you can enjoy all that the holiday season has to offer!

Take a Spa Day

Taking time to relax and focus on you is essential when it comes to keeping yourself sane around the holidays. Take some time for yourself and stop by our day resort to experience the far away feeling you’ve been craving. Sweat out all your negative emotions in our eucalyptus-infused steam rooms and saunas, enjoy a cocktail on our aqua terrace and book yourself to enjoy a massage or body treatment. Having a day of relaxation on the calendar may give you a little something to look forward to, too.

Oil Up

Add aromatherapy to your deep breathing routine for some natural aid when things get rough. Oils such as lavender and rose have been proven to take the edge off. Stop into La Boutique at Spa Mirbeau Crossgates, and our staff will work with you to help find the best aromatherapy strategy for you.

Breathe Deep

Using deep breathing exercises to help promote relaxation can help ease the emotional and physical tensions that come along with the holidays. When you find yourself falling into negative thoughts, set aside twenty minutes to unplug from all electronics and devote yourself to focus on your breathing. You’ll find yourself feeling renewed and rejuvenated with each breath.


When you’re feeling depressed, often times the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. But one of the best ways to give you a needed boost is to sweat the stress out. Exercise produces endorphins, another hormone known for making you “feel happy.” Add a little “happy” to your daily routine, and stop by our fitness studio, whether it’s for a spin class, yoga class or to sweat it out in our weight room.

Laugh, Laugh and Laugh Some More

You may have heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine.” But that light chuckle you may pull out every now and again out of politeness won’t do the trick. That deep, belly-wrenching laugh from deep inside is just what you need to boot negative emotions. Surround yourself with light-hearted people, and plan a night out with your funniest friends over a few bottles of wine.

De-Stress your Shopping List

Generosity is one of the most beautiful aspects of the holidays and definitely one we should all embrace. You can take loads of stress out of your shopping list without removing the generous sentiment by opting for easier, less time-intensive gift ideas. For example, instead of making your favorite homemade triple-layer cream cheese frosting-filled quadruple-layer red velvet cakes for your kid’s class, stop by a local bakery and send some pre-made cakes to school. The kids will appreciate it just as much!


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A New Capital Region Restaurant You’ll Want to Put on Your List


Mirbeau, loosely translated from French as “reflected beauty,” aims to create the feeling of a luxurious French getaway, close to home. Our day resort does our best to reflect the sights, the experience and even the flavors that you would find in the French countryside, and Le Bistro is a part of that.


At Spa Mirbeau, we understand that not everyone has acquired a taste for French flavors, which is why we’ve simply taken inspiration from French-speaking populations around the world to create an incredible, crowd-pleasing menu.


Diverse offerings range from American favorites to classic French dishes. If you’re looking to enjoy some good American comfort food, stop by and dine on French Onion soup, a classic Cobb salad, Calamari and a Roasted Turkey Dinner with a side of Butternut Squash. If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for our Tuna Niçoise, Steak Frites or Filet Mignon Au Poivre.


Whatever you’re craving, we offer a wide variety of wines and an extensive cocktail menu, perfect for enjoying in our restaurant or on our aqua terrace. You may preview our menu by clicking here.


Give our cozy, romantic Le Bistro a try, and we’re confident our beautifully fresh flavors will sweep you off your feet!


*For a limited time only, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or cocktail with the purchase of an entrée between 4 and 6pm.



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“Girl’s Night Out” with Caudalie {EVENT}

We will be hosting our very first “Girl’s Night Out” on Saturday, December 2 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.!

This event is open to the public and will feature the products of one of France’s most iconic beauty brands, Caudalie.

Specializing in anti-aging, skincare, body care, fragrance & masks, Caudalie experts will be on site speaking to you about their beauty enhancing ingredients derived straight from the grapevines of Bordeaux, France. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

With your purchase of a $25 gift card to use toward event purchases you will receive 25% off all Caudalie products, a wine tasting, complimentary hors d’veoures by Le Bistro and a complimentary facial consultation, a raffle entry with every Caudalie purchase, and a gift with a purchase of $175 or more!

Space is limited! To reserve your spot at this very special Girl’s Night Out with Caudalie call 844-MIRBEAU!

See you there!

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Spa Mirbeau’s Finishing Touches

With less than two weeks to go until our Grand Opening, Spa Mirbeau is approaching completion!

With that said, you can expect a lot of finishing touches in our final days of construction.

Here’s a quick peek of how some of our favorite spaces are coming together!


The flooring has been laid in the Resting Area (above), with the heated foot pool in place!

We still have yet to put out the relaxation chairs and reveal the hand-painted dome mural.



Today is a big day for the Aqua Terrace (above, left) and Le Bistro (above, right).

The beautiful, dark flooring is being laid to complement the bright skylight.



Our interior mall entrance, where you will find our retail shop, La Boutique, is almost ready to open its doors.



The flooring, painting and lighting is completed in our women’s (above left) and men’s (above right) locker rooms.

Now it’s time to get the countertops and mirrors in place!

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There are Day Spas, and then there are Day Resorts.

With Spa Mirbeau’s Grand Opening right around the corner, the countdown is on for perfecting our brand-new Day Resort! While we don’t want to reveal too much before our Grand Opening on November 15th, the picture above is a sneak peak of what we think will be your favorite Spa Mirbeau hot spot (no pun intended): Our heated Aqua Terrace!

Between the fireplace, the gigantic steamy pool and the soft sun peeking through the skylight, you won’t be able to stay away from our cozy Aqua Terrace. Sipping a glass of wine in a cozy robe might just be your new favorite way to decompress after a stressful day at work.

But Spa Mirbeau will be so much more than just the Aqua Terrace. In fact, it will be so much more than a spa! Our hope is that you truly come to enjoy Spa Mirbeau as a lifestyle destination. We hope some days you come for Le Bistro, to enjoy a glass of wine and light French fare with samplings from the Mediterranean. That other days you come to enjoy a group fitness class in either our yoga or spin room. Maybe your favorite visits to Spa Mirbeau will be those times you cap your shopping trips at Crossgates with a visit to our Boutique.

No matter how you join us, we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer. Starting November 15th, we’re here to help you relax, enjoy life and unplug from the outside world. Because at Spa Mirbeau, we’re all about making life just a little more balanced.


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Media Hard Hat Tour: Our Grand Opening is Quickly Approaching

The construction at Spa Mirbeau is approaching completion. With the drywall already in place, the Capital Region’s new day resort concept will be ready for its Grand Opening on November 15th!

Last week, we gave 10 local writers, reporters, influencers and bloggers a sneak peak of the new facility during our exclusive Media Hard Hat Tour.

If you’ve been reading our recent blog posts, you may have gathered by now that the Spa Mirbeau experience only begins with the spa. Spa Mirbeau is a lifestyle destination, a resort without the overnight stay, encouraging guests to take a break from their busy schedules, relax and stay awhile.

Each of our Hard Hat Tour guests enjoyed a preview of what it will be like to visit Spa Mirbeau. We began the tour in the reception area, where we escorted the group to the men’s and women’s locker room areas, they toured what will be our steam rooms, saunas, resting area and treatment rooms. From there, the group moved through the Aqua Terrace where they were greeted by a room lit with natural light . Attendees were even able to get a glimpse of where the hot massage pool will be along with the Aqua Terrace Bar where spa guests will be able to order a selection of salads, tapas-style offerings and beverages.

Tour guests were then guided through the kitchen to the other side of the day resort where they saw our yoga and spin rooms, La Boutique (our retail shop), and of course, Le Bistro, where spa guests and mall guests will soon enjoy light French fare, samplings of the Mediterranean, and a full bar.

Whether it’s a workout, a spa treatment, shopping or a delicious meal, you can find it all at Spa Mirbeau, because we believe life is all about balance.



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