There is nothing quite like a spa day to unwind and refocus on your wellness. From massages to facials, spa treatments can reset your body and leave you feeling refreshed. And when it comes to overall well being, a sauna can be exactly what your body needs. This time-old treatment turns up the heat and the health benefits. When you step into this toasty space for the first time, you can expect these health boosts.



When toxins enter your body, your organs hold onto them until they have a chance to release. By sitting in this warm space, you can help your body sweat out these impurities. As long as you hydrate after, this treatment can leave you feeling clean and refreshed.


Improved Circulation

The warmth of the sauna opens up your capillaries and improves overall circulation. This is essential in exercise recovery and general body function. You may also find that your skin looks more vibrant.



Whether soaking in a bath or sitting in a warm room, there is nothing quite like applying heat to the muscles. You may feel all of your tension melt away as you relax in this warm environment. This treatment paired with a massage can be healing for your muscles and whole body.


Pain Reduction

Several studies have found that time in a sauna reduces pain sensations and feelings of chronic pain. By making this part of your day spa routine, you can start to control your pain more naturally. But of course, talk to your doctor before using this type of heat as treatment.


Weight Control

Experts estimate that 20-minute sit in this space at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit can burn over 500 calories. This in addition to healthy eating and exercise can give your weight control journey an extra boost. Just be sure not to overdo it, as this can lead to complications.

By finding the right combination of wellness treatments, you can make the most of your spa treatments. If you have any questions about what treatments are right for you, be sure to talk to the spa staff. They can help you curate the perfect day based on your needs.


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