Some people think that spas are just for women, but they’re wrong. Here at Spa Mirbeau, we offer special treatments just for men.

Men’s Essential Massage

One of the most popular spa treatments for men we offer at Spa Mirbeau resort is the men’s essential massage. For the busy businessman, active sportsman, or any man who is ready to feel his best, this massage is for you. It will relieve tension in your body, as well as encourage incredible relaxation. In the end, you will receive a five-minute skin fitness conditioning, providing you with a daily dosage of anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants that are specially formulated for men.

Men’s Estate Facial

It’s no secret that men’s skin is biologically different from women’s skin. This facial consists of a green science organic face treatment that is customized to your unique lifestyle and grooming challenges. Your facial will consist of luxurious hot towels, relaxing shoulder and neck massages, and age-delaying ingredients. These elements are all combined to create the ultimate spa treatments for men that will address even though toughest of your skin concerns. The best part is that you will get immediate and noticeable results.

Men’s Hand Treatment

Do you have dry, tired hands? If you do, then the men’s hand treatment is just for you. You will receive ultimate hydration and massage so you can show off your hands at work, on the golf course, or at the gym.

Men’s Foot Treatment

Your feet need attention too, just like the rest of your body. You will enjoy an invigorating mint and coll lime combination that will revitalize your tired feet and legs, all while your dry or callused feet are deeply hydrated. You will also get to enjoy a hot towel and a relaxing massage of your feet and legs to round out the experience.

More than 17 million people in the United States said they used services at a day spa within the last 12 months in the spring of 2017. If you’re a man and you’re ready to enjoy the spa amenities yourself, take a trip to Spa Mirbeau and treat yourself for a day.