You are getting married, and you couldn’t be more excited. You have been so busy taking care of all the wedding planning details. You booked all the vendors, purchased your dress, and even helped plan your bridal shower.

In the midst of it all, you have forgotten to take care of yourself. Self care is really important leading up to the wedding, a fact that too many brides have to learn the hard way. However, tons of pictures will be taken on your wedding day, and you will want to look your best. Here are three beauty tips for every bride that is in the final countdown for the big day.

Go to a Day Resort

Take a trip to a nearby spa day resort to get yourself pampered before your wedding day. Sit in the sauna to moisturize your skin, get a facial so your skin is glowing, and book a massage for the ultimate relaxation. A survey conducted in 2014 revealed that roughly 91% of people think of a massage as a benefit to health and wellness. Treat yourself to a spa day before your wedding, and you will look and feel great. Planning a wedding is stressful; you deserve it.

Figure Out Your Tanning Situation

Many brides prefer to be tan for their wedding day, which can be especially tough for winter and early spring weddings. If you like your skin tone the way it is, all the power to you. If you are looking for darken your tone a little for the day of, make sure you figure out exactly how tan you would like to be. Experiment in advance so you don’t end up hating your wedding pictures for the rest of your life.

Start Whitening Your Teeth

You will most likely be smiling all day, and that will be captured in your wedding photos. There are so many ways that a bride can brighten up her smile. Start using a whitening toothpaste, or get a professional cleaning before your wedding so your teeth look great in all of your pictures.

When you look good, you feel good. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and planning for a little self care before the day can work wonders. Take a trip to the spa, get your tan on, and brighten those pearly whites. You will have the best day of your life, and your photos will look phenomenal.