Turn Back Time.  The appearance of rhytids of the face also known as wrinkles may be softened.  Smoothing and softening these fine lines and wrinkles can give you a refreshed and youthful look.   A few injections in addition to your normal facial regimen may make the difference you have been looking for.  “Botox” not only has aesthetic benefits but is also used as an adjunctive treatment for migraines, TMD (temporal mandibular dysfunction), and depression.  Medical aesthetics are being offered at Spa Mirbeau every Wednesday.  Call for a customized consultation.  

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Now Offering Virtual Consultations

Explore your options from the comfort of your own home with our new virtual consultation.

Set aside some time to meet with the MedSpa Solutions professional team to discuss your skin care and beauty needs.  They will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. Consultations are required before booking any MedSpa services.

This may be a great time to explore options you have always wanted to but did not have the time


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Free Virtual and Onsite Consultations

All Body Sculpting:  20% off + 1 Complementary EMSculpt Treatment ($750)

Laser:  50% off any laser Treatment (Hair removal, Treatment for Acne and Surgical Scars, Dark Sun Spot Removal, Treatment for Vascular Lesions)

Dermal Filler “Liquid Facelift”:  $50 off 

Botox:  1 Area 10% off, 2 Areas 20% off, 3 Areas 30% off

Hydrafacials & Microneedling: 20% off

Partnership Announcement

On January 8th,2020 Mirbeau & MedSpa Solutions announced their partnership live on a Bridge Street.

About MedSpa Solutions™

 The services were thoughtfully selected by the team of doctors based on quality, safety, and results. The Doctors of MedSpa Solutions: Dr. Derek Cooney has over 15 years as a practicing physician with board certifications in Emergency Medicine, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine, EMS Medicine, and an academic appointment as an Associate Professor.  Dr. Cooney graduated from Texas A&M College of Medicine and completed residency and fellowship at the prestigious Scott & White Memorial Hospital in the Baylor Scott & White System. Dr. Cooney is an expert in resuscitation and fluid management and received his aesthetics training in New York City. Dr. Norma Cooney has been practicing medicine for over 15 years and is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Cooney received her aesthetics training in New York. Dr. Dorothy Kassab has been practicing for over 15 years and is one of the few dentists in the State of New York who has been trained in dental aesthetics, smile design, treatment of TMJ disorders, and neuromuscular dentistry in the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.  She received her facial aesthetics training in New York City and provides care focusing on the oral and peri-oral regions. For more information: www.medspasolutions.com

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