Amid the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to let small stressors build up. And while you might not notice this stress at first, it tends to build up and start to manifest in larger ways. As with any part of your health, preventative maintenance is key to protecting your mental and physical wellness. If you spot any of the following signs, it might be time to schedule a spa day. Doing so will restore your balance and make you more productive in your day to day.

You have small aches and pains.

Stress makes your muscles tight, often causing small aches in various body parts. Spa treatments can work out these kinks and identify the places where you are holding the most tension. By releasing these muscles, you can ease both your body and mind.</li>

You are catching colds more often.

While seasonal sickness is usually caused by viruses, your stress is likely making you more susceptible. When you are getting sick often, it could mean that you need to pause and unwind for a day. And just think of the restorative sleep that will follow your time at the day spa.</li>

Small inconveniences stress you out.

If you generally don’t sweat the small stuff, but suddenly find yourself snapping about insignificant details, it’s probably time to take a break. One of the many benefits of spas is the opportunity to unplug and refocus your mind. This mindfulness can carry you on for weeks, until it becomes time for another spa day.

You are feeling unfocused or forgetful.

Forgetting your keys or taking hours to do a simple task? An unfocused mind is often a sign of feeling overwhelmed. By booking a spa day appointment, you can fight these stressful feelings and breathe for a few hours. Even the busiest people need these moments to recharge and refocus.

You simply feel off balance.

Not feeling like yourself? You could be stressed, not eating well, or experiencing physical discomfort.

Spa treatments can help you rebalance and regain control of your life. Then you can feel like your vibrant self once again.

By reserving an appointment at a Spa Mirbeau, you can set off some time that is uniquely yours. With the recent refocus on wellness, over 179 million Americans visiting spas in 2016. This precious time allows people of all professions and lifestyles to regroup and calm down. And when you give yourself this attention and care, you can be filled with renewed life and energy.