Day spas are incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to relax, relieve pain and stress, and everything in between. Finding a good day spa is a little more challenging than you might think because you want to make sure your experience will be a great one. Here are some signs that you’ve found a good day spa and it’s time to book an appointment.

The staff is welcoming

The spa’s staff are the ones that will be servicing you for most of your experience, so you want to make sure they are welcoming and comforting. This will greatly impact the atmosphere and your experience. You want them to make you feel relaxed, friendly, and zen. If the staff does not make you feel like you’re at a spa, then you’re probably at the wrong one.

They offer a variety of services

Look over what spa packages the facility offers before you book your appointment. You want to make sure they have what you want. Do you want a massage, to sit in a steam room, relax in a sauna, or get a facial? Maybe you want a little bit of everything. You can often find these resources on the website, or you can call the facility to ask questions over the phone.

They are licensed and registered

Although there are no universal codes or regulations for day spas, the owners and sometimes the employees must pass background checks, undergo health inspections, and are licensed and registered for the procedures that they perform. The state attorney general’s website will typically have this information.

The facility is very clean

This may sound obvious, but the implications of an unsanitary facility are more than just “gross.” Bacteria, germs, and other pathogens can lead to infections for spa-goers. You can check out pictures of the spa or even visit the facility before your appointment to check the place out.

Stress is known as a silent killer as 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress. Going to a day resort can combat those problems, so finding a good day spa is essential. You want to make sure they have a good staff, many options, they are licensed, and they are clean. If the spa seems to meet your criteria, go ahead and treat yourself.