In spring 2017, more than 17 million Americans said they used services at a day spa within the last 12 months. Along with facials and manicures, couples massages are a great option to take advantage in terms of spa packages. Couples massages are amazing for partners to experience together. If you’ve never had one before, there are some things you should know going into the experience.

Plan it together

The massage is for both of you, so it’s important that you both are involved in the planning process. There are many options when it comes to couples massage, and you want to choose things that both of you will enjoy. When both partners know what is coming, it can help avoid awkwardness or embarrassment during the process. Both of you should be comfortable so you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Be on the same page

You want to be open and honest with each other about what you want and would like to get out of your couples massage experience. You also need to be aware of each other’s comfort levels as this is a very intimate experience unlike any other.

Make it about relaxation

There are no rules at the spa that say you have to relax, but isn’t that the point? This means that talking should be quiet and at a minimum, according to Your Tango. You can talk to each other during the session, but many people prefer to relax in the quiet. There are typically others in the facility along with you, so you want to be respectful of their experience as well.

Don’t bring your problems in

One of the most important things you can be during your couples massage is present. This is a time to connect with your partner, and you don’t want distractions. Leave your cell phone in your lockers, and forget about all the stresses and monotony of your daily life. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

A couples massage can help rejuvenate your relationship in so many ways, but it’s important to be prepared for your massage. You want this experience to bring you closer to each other, as well as allow you both to relax. Make sure you are in the moment and open to the experiences to get the most out of your couples massage.