“In these next few weeks, you’ll really be able to see the transformation of Spa Mirbeau from a concrete shell to the beginning stages of a resort.”

The words of Mirbeau Hospitality partner, Jonathan Dal Pos, are stirring excitement among all who are aware of this unprecedented day resort concept. The steel is in place and the concrete floors will be poured sooner than you can blink.

Looking at the picture above, can you spot where the waterfall will be? How about the wine bar? Maybe the eucalyptus-infused steam rooms? It may be a little early to notice the details of where our most relaxing amenities will rest, but the foundation has been laid to give you the spa experience of a lifetime as often as you please, starting this fall. Stay tuned weekly via our blog to watch us transform this great space into your new favorite place to relax, because you deserve more than a spa experience. You deserve a staycation.