Building a 17,000-square-foot day resort in the countryside of France would likely come with its challenges. Creating the same experience in a metropolitan area? A whole new set of challenges!

We’re happy to say we’re up to the task. With each construction update on our blog, you’ll learn how we plan to preserve the privacy, beauty, and experience of Spa Mirbeau amidst the bustle of Crossgates.

First secret? We plan to stay completely unplugged from the outside world. Next time you’re strolling around Crossgates, take a look at the photos on the barricade and get a sneak peak of Spa Mirbeau, located upstairs near Regal Cinema. The barricade promises to keep your busy schedule out, and your relaxation in.

Second tip? Space, space and more space! When planning the launch of Spa Mirbeau, we chose a big facility for a reason. The more space, the more room we have to create an environment reminiscent of the French countryside. The deeper you go into the space, the further you become separated from the outside world. Our most relaxing features, including the aqua terrace with a waterfall, a foot pool and a giant hot tub, are tucked away in the back to assure the deepest levels of relaxation.

Right now, we’re still in the works—but we promise, we’re getting more and more beautiful each week. See you soon!